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'life in the Big Leagues?"

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" King went over to Sonia, grabbed a tit in each hand, and then exclaimed, "Damn, these babies are real. " Hefting them, he said, "Shit, they couldn't be any better. " As he turned them loose, he gave them each a cleavage rippling slap, then watched them jiggle.

He looked into Sonia's sex clouded eyes and asked, "Are you the mother or the daughter?" "The daughter," she responded, with an "I want to be fucked" expression on her face.

"I'm your biggest fan, King, and I am crazy for you. " she blurted out. "What I want, more than anything, is to party hard with you, tonight.

" King looked at his two pussy hounds and said, "Benny, have you and Ezra explained the entrance test to them yet?" "Yes," Benny replied. Looking back at Sonia, King said, "Well, if you pass these two boys sex test, and earn the right to attend our orgy, I promise you that you are going to get all of the partying you want, from me and the rest of the band members.

" "We have a pact that every volunteer Cunt will get each band members cock stuffed into all of their openings, and that each band member will get their rocks off in the slut, at least once.

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  1. Знакомства
    Arashiramar 11 months ago

    And you think liberals agreed with him politically?

  2. Jugore
    Jugore 11 months ago

    Angels explaining God...

  3. Memuro
    Memuro 11 months ago

    Elections are now 'bought' thanks to SCOTUS and the NRA who funnels russian dollars to repub campaigns. Vlad picked an ego maniac to do his bidding and made sure it would be done by holding a vial of urine over 'it'. Who ever thought that America could be destroyed by a vile yellow stream?

  4. Mibei
    Mibei 11 months ago

    You are free to make those decisions.

  5. Shalar
    Shalar 10 months ago

    May God bless you and your family Sen John McCain. I'm not a conservative. But if I ever have a change of heart, and become a conservative. I want to be just like you. It was leaders like you that made America the greatest country in the world!!!

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Anal in a mini skirt
Anal in a mini skirt
Anal in a mini skirt