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There is already an OP on the Holiness of God. I suggest you read it. As it is much more informative as I would be able to do in this thread. As this thread is now focusing on the Holiness of the Mother.

catfights - Scene 3

She got to enjoy tasting her mother's cuntal juices for quite a while, as Ezra pulled it out of her mouth and then repeated the "fuck then suck" process, many more times. Minutes later, her pussy skewering, face riding jockey, jammed his slim boner into her mouth again and, while she was sucking on it, she watched him dip two fingers into her mother's oozing cunt, then extract them and stick the two dripping digits into Celeste's anal channel and begin shoving them in deep and reaming it out.

As she sucked and watched, he repeated the pussy to anus fingering process several more times, then pulled his cock out of Sonia's mouth and replaced it with the wet, tangy fingers.

While she sucked on the ass to mouth digits, she watched him easily shove his cock up her mother's, cuntal juice slickened, anal passage, and begin slowly humping it, with a smile of conquest.

After a few stabs into the well prepped rear door, the cock was removed from Celeste's tight rear channel, and then stuck into Sonia's mouth to be sucked off some more. Benny, standing at Celeste's head getting a first class cock sucking, said, "Okay, bro, ass fuck her a few more times, then lets flip the bitches around so I can have my turn sticking my pecker into the daughter's orifices, and start loosening her up for King and the boy's cocks to tear up.

" Soon they grabbed Celeste by her hair and neck and pulled her torso up off of the desktop, and then had Sonia pull her yellow panties off and get on the desk, on her back.

Benny told Celeste, "Now get over there and put your face into your daughter's crotch and eat her pussy out, real good, you round-heeled Latina whore.

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  1. Brazragore
    Brazragore 11 months ago

    The word "Spiritual" is the adjective form of "spirit" which comes to us from the Laitn "spiritus", meaning "wind" or "breath". Your words, like your breath, are merely hot air.

  2. Kak
    Kak 10 months ago

    hahahahaha making sex is awesome right .. I would make it everyday if I could.

  3. Dokora
    Dokora 10 months ago

    So you want to engage in a dishonest discussion where we don't allow others to clarify statements.

  4. Excited baby receives its portion of sperm
    Malall 10 months ago

    haha...well then here goes your fav song

  5. Masar
    Masar 10 months ago

    Of course, you can find love among vipers, snakes, tyranny, etc, and there's No excuse for evil to exist in light of love and goodness per se. Btw, "hate" isn't one of my characteristics, so take it back buster.

  6. Fet
    Fet 10 months ago

    Hes my favorite

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Excited baby receives its portion of sperm