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*Blushing* Still you own some *Heart still beating fast*

After each band member has got off in each of them, we are going to have you take the daughter in the living room at throw her to those hangers-on, dirt bags, and let them pass her around and do all of the nasty things they want to her. " "While they are having their fun degrading the daughter, we are going to gang bang the mother, six on one, and give her a full session of triple penetration fucking, until we have pumped at least six more cum loads into the gorgeously hot assed slut.

" "Then we'll take the mother in to the room the hangers-on are using, turn her over to them, then sit down and watch both of them get worked over and totally debauched by that pack of hyenas, and get more cocks stuffed in them than a brothel whore. " "And what makes it all so god damned perfect, is that fact that you can see in their eyes that these two bimbos not only love to fuck, they came here with the full expectation that they were going to get totally wasted by us.

" "And, shithead, we are going to make sure that we do everything we can to help them achieve their goal, including, for the first time, letting you and Ezra fuck them, too. " "Damn, Benny, I haven't been this inspired by a woman in a long time. I'm telling you, that Mexican slut mother is so damned hot and well built, that it is driving me absolutely crazy.

She has really got my head spinning.

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  1. Magis
    Magis 11 months ago

    A Spiritual force that we can not see.

  2. Miss Kate bust Sidorenko (the largest natural breasts)
    Sharan 10 months ago

    It is easy to express opinions like yours, but there are opinions available based on intelligent research.

  3. Kigaran
    Kigaran 10 months ago

    lol how ya doing sockpuppet have you been banned lately?

  4. Знакомства
    Moran 10 months ago

    It was a judgement. You assumed he would agree life is a waste. What's "wasteful" about having one life to live?

  5. Samugami
    Samugami 10 months ago

    Clearly, it "implies" no such thing. So, stop being "so dense" by answering the question asked. Frankly, your diversion and ad hominem attempt appears so feeble it was smiley'd....LOL!

  6. Faubei
    Faubei 10 months ago

    About selling firearms?

  7. Miss Kate bust Sidorenko (the largest natural breasts)
    Tojanris 9 months ago

    Exactly. They were just rude hosts.

  8. Mell
    Mell 9 months ago

    Begun by what?

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Miss Kate bust Sidorenko (the largest natural breasts)