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Mmmm...be precise, Al. That report concerns manipulation of voting machines, not whether Russia's hacking and disinformation campaign had an affect on votes. Of course it did.

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    Meztijas 11 months ago

    Right, white men living in rural Pennsylvanian are democrats.

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    Tushura 11 months ago

    You've made several assertions without any proof you can take to the lab and reproduce. If you want to believe the land animal can become a whale then it's a free country. You also know that no one is even seen this process take place and they've tried hundreds of thousands of times in the lab. This bird doesn't fly. You can lay out all these pictures of land animals up to a whale and insist one change into the other you just don't have any evidence that that happened you imposing, "Darwin of the gaps" on those fossils.

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    This is hysterical.

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Sperm gulp from the well-known rapper Interracial sex
Sperm gulp from the well-known rapper Interracial sex
Sperm gulp from the well-known rapper Interracial sex