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The incredulous youth looked down at the two beautiful broad's hands, and stated, "We assumed that those big rocks you're wearing on your left hands, really are wedding rings?" "Yes they are," Celeste assured Liss, with a knowing smile, Looking her up and down, as he shook his head in disbelief, the kid said, "Damn, you are the finest looking MILF I have ever naature.

Shit, the band is going to love finding out that they are going to get a shot at a married motherdaughter combo.

It'll drive them totally crazy. " Suddenly getting very serious, the weasel looking juvenile said, "Now lets' get down to business, ladies. We want you to understand that the party, if you agree to attend, will be a wild one, and the band members don't want anyone attending the affair who isn't willing to perform whatever sex acts the band members want them too, without hesitation.

" "They don't want to be partying with no god damned reluctant virgins. They only like hot, willing, uninhibited, experienced amateurs to play their sexual games with.

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  1. Kagabei
    Kagabei 11 months ago

    nup... and, why?

  2. Shakakazahn
    Shakakazahn 11 months ago

    Let's pretend you HAD to eat spider. Which one will you eat

  3. Hot sex with Lisa Ann in nature
    Kajikus 11 months ago

    Yes I did but to truly know ones sexuality at so early.

  4. Знакомства
    Shabei 11 months ago

    Ah ok lol

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Hot sex with Lisa Ann in nature
Hot sex with Lisa Ann in nature