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Kristi - Busty Teen

" Suddenly getting very serious, the weasel looking juvenile said, "Now lets' get down to business, ladies. We want you to understand that the party, if you agree to attend, will be a wild one, and the band members don't want anyone attending the affair who isn't willing to perform whatever sex acts the band members want them too, without hesitation.

" "They don't want to be partying with no god damned milkinga virgins. They only like hot, willing, uninhibited, experienced amateurs to play their sexual games with. " "They particularly like to fuck other men's wives wit you two, also being a mother and daughter, will be an extra special bonus prize for them to exploit.

" "That being understood, if you want to attend the party, you must first prove that you are ready and willing to do whatever is demanded of you.

" "And the way that you prove yourselves, is by sucking the two of us off, right now. As the Chinese say, "no sucky, no party," he leered.

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  1. Tygoktilar
    Tygoktilar 11 months ago

    You wrote: "But God's uppermost teaching is that He is real. If people don't think He is real, that is 100% God's fault."

  2. Tegar
    Tegar 11 months ago

    I would love to visit there.

  3. Brunette with milkings
    Zulkigor 11 months ago

    No, i am not from any religion. Neither is this a theology, but the knowledge of the Son of GOD, knowledge of the Celestial Heavens World Eden, knowledge of the Celestial anatomy of Man, and knowledge of the unalterable blueprint of the plan of salvation.

  4. Brunette with milkings
    Tenris 11 months ago

    And, there are diseases and viruses that keep evolving to get around our immune system.

  5. Shamuro
    Shamuro 11 months ago

    No, he's right - one of the stripes is blue ...

  6. Tataxe
    Tataxe 10 months ago

    nice car to start with,like mine.Learnt to drive on my L's in the old man's XD Falcon auto,then got some proper driving lessons in a manual before getting license.Drove all sorts of manuals,including column shift,trucks.Youngies these days get license but can't drive a manual,joke.

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