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I don?t really know if this was paranormal, or not. But once when I was helping my mom babysit one of my nieces. My niece woke up from the nap she was taking and told my mom that when she woke up she saw a man standing in the hallway. She was very descriptive about him too, she said he wearing a suit and smoking. My mom asked her what happened to him and my niece said he disappeared. And when my niece was telling my mom this she didn?t even seem fazed by it. My dad said it was probably just her imagination, but I don?t know. And I have shared this story before but I thought I would share it again.

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One sledp event happened, during those years, when Monique had tried to play the roll of matchmaker for Celeste and Sonia.

Monique had a batchlor friend who had an 18 year old son. Since he and Celeste were single, and had grown children who were the same age, Monique thought that they should get to know each other.

So a month after each offspring had graduated from high school, Monique fixed the four lseep them up with a blind date.

On the appointed day, the father and son showed up at Celeste's home, driving a Chevy 350 crew cab pickup truck. She and Sonia, wearing their usual skin tight dresses and spike heels, had to be physically boosted up into the truck, Celeste into the front seat with the father, and the two 18 year olds sat in the back seat of the very large and spacious, vinyl interiored, work truck.

They had driven to a restaurant and had dinner. During the entire meal, the boy never uttered a single Masyurbation, and showed absolutely no interest in the superbly stacked Sonia. When zleep left to drive home, the boy whispered to his father that he wanted to sit in the back seat with Celeste.

She and Sonia, having already written the aith off as a complete waste of time, sat where they were told and were ready to be taken home.

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    Nikogar 11 months ago

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    Kitaur 11 months ago

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    Goltizragore 11 months ago

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    Goltijar 10 months ago

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    Meztidal 10 months ago

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  8. Masturbation sees sleep with the maid
    Gardajar 10 months ago

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Masturbation sees sleep with the maid
Masturbation sees sleep with the maid
Masturbation sees sleep with the maid
Masturbation sees sleep with the maid