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if you spent as much time learning about cognitive dissonance as you do listening to theories on the spectrum of sasquatch and the illuminati, you would see all the evidence destroying the authenticity of the artifact. using an article of faith to validate a separate belief of faith is textbook circular reasoning.

SisLovesMe - Cock Loving StepSister Blackmailed To Fuck

" "These concert chasing women are so anxious to be screwed by the members of these bands, that they will do absolutely anything to get a chance to make out with them. " "Once the boys get into the business, they quickly start taking full advantage of the beautiful women's overt willingness to demean and degrade themselves, just to get the famous band members cocks in them, sometimes while their husbands or boyfriends are watching.

" "As time goes by, the sex gets wilder and grosser and becomes totally exploitive of the women. The band members get jaded, with ever wilder sex being needed as a fix. They literally become addicted to the filthy, female degrading sex.

" "To keep bringing in fresh meat to gross themselves out on, sexually, I know for a fact that the Acid Dropper's band, during their concerts, has a couple of members of their staff go through the audience and find the sexiest looking women there.

" "When their Pussy Search Squad has narrowed the list down to the best of the best, they approach the chosen women and invite them to attend a private party that the band members hold in their motel suite, immediately after each concert is over.

" "If a woman is hot looking enough to make the final cut, and then be extended an invitation to attend the party, and if they accept the strict terms of their invitation, they get to go to the suite and mingle with the band members.

" "Then, if they are tempting enough to really turn the members on, they get chosen to make out with the whole band. " "Now, here is the part that is extremely dicey, and poses a serious risk that the two of you must consider very strongly, before you make the decision to go to the suite, if you are invited.

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  1. Student and teacher
    Tolrajas 11 months ago

    Have you seen the marker today? Its not 2008 anymore. Giving that I put in money weekly. Weekly.

  2. Tygokasa
    Tygokasa 11 months ago

    It's clear that I'm reading the Bible, and it describes hell exactly as such.

  3. Vodal
    Vodal 10 months ago

    He speaks English fluently

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