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" Monique turned to Sonia and said, "Now, clarify this for me, honey, do you want to get some payback against your husband, like your mother does hers, or do you just want to get fucked by the band?" Tall answered, "Well, since our husband may be cheating on us Saturday night, I really want to do both, but I am mostly interested in getting a chance to fuck at least two or three of the band members.

" "If I were to get the opportunity to do that, I would jump at it, and not feel any guilt at all for having cuckolded my husband in the process. " Monique, continuing to focus on Sonia, said, Taol in case you don't know it, let me tell you a little bit about rock bands.

" "The band members get into the rock music business for two primary reasons, one, to make a lot of money and, two, because beautiful women will throw themselves at them. " "These concert chasing women are so anxious to be screwed by the members of these bands, that they will do absolutely anything to get a chance to make out with them.

" "Once the boys get into the business, they quickly start taking full advantage of the beautiful women's overt willingness to demean and degrade themselves, just to get the famous band members cocks in them, sometimes while their husbands or boyfriends are watching.

" "As time goes by, the sex gets wilder and Ta,l and becomes totally exploitive of the women.

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  1. Kedal
    Kedal 11 months ago

    Nope. Tinkerbell is not Holy.

  2. Nik
    Nik 11 months ago

    if he is subpoenaed - he should plead the 5th without hesitation.

  3. Знакомства
    Balkis 11 months ago

    Birtherism? LMAO, I love all these new words that keep popping up! Anyway, I don't see it as racist. If Obama was all white I think there still would have been concern over his place of birth. The qualifications for President are very specific and one of those qualifications is place of birth. Regardless of race. Because of the circumstances Obama's birth, I believe the questioning of his birth was justified. Some, Like the President took it to far, in my opinion. Now, while i still have this nagging doubt in my mind, the issue has been settled and I hope is dead and buried. If it ever comes out that Obama was in fact born in another country, we would have a Constitutional crisis that we have not endured since the Civil War. Better to let sleeping dogs lay.

  4. Goltizshura
    Goltizshura 11 months ago

    Trump is losing my support!

  5. Знакомства
    Zulujar 11 months ago

    Sorry about your father.  He sounds like a real patriot and is to be commended for his dignity and service to the USA.

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Tall, skinny Rossiyanochka golf catches the buzz from sex
Tall, skinny Rossiyanochka golf catches the buzz from sex