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(A)theism vs (A)gnosticism

Sexy Shy Asian Fucking in Stockings and High Heels

A VERY SUSPICIOUS CHANGE IN PLANS: When Dale got home Friday evening, as pre-planned with his close buddy, Ronnie Levitz, he announced to Celeste that there was a change in the plans for the weekend.

Ronnie, who lived in LA, and was going to the Lakers game with them, had called a little while ago, and invited he and Jerry to come up to LA on Saturday morning and play a round of golf with him before they go to the Lakers game. Then, after the Lakers game is over, we are going to his home and spend the night, then get up Sunday morning and play another round of golf, before they came back to San Diego, just in time to be able to watch the NFL Sunday Night Football game.

Of course Dale couldn't let his spitfire wife have any idea that Ronnie was having some hot broads come over to his house after the game, to party with them, and provide he and Jerry with some fresh new bodies to get pieces of ass from.

As soon as Celeste heard the name Ronnie Levitz, her antenna went up. She and Dale had met Ronnie, for the first time, two years ago, at the Homebuilder's Convention in LA, while Ronnie was the President of the Association. She knew from experience, that he was a handsome, single, wealthy, whoremongering, womanizing, skirt chasing, smooth-talking, extremely confident, insufferable jerk, who had taken the opportunity, every time he had been alone with her, to grope and proposition her, unmercifully.

She had resisted all of his advances, but he had been so aggressive that his fingerprints were all over her body. His dedicated pursuit of her had reached a point where she thought that the only reason Ronnie had made Dale his friend, was so he would get to see her as often as possible, so he could continue to try and get her to make out with him.

Even though she was now absolutely certain that her husband was up to no good, knowing that she had already decided to cuckold him, she kept her tongue, and just re-dedicated herself to making sure that she cuckolded him to the absolute maximum degree possible, just in case he and her son-in-law actually did cheat on them in LA, as she was absolutely certain that they planned to do.

Early Saturday morning Jerry brought Sonia to the house, and then he and Dale quickly departed for LA.

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  1. Excited friends ready otlizat each other
    Dara 11 months ago

    Yeah it was a good night :)??

  2. Excited friends ready otlizat each other
    Taukus 11 months ago

    The the fact that your taste in music changes indicates that it is not inborn, much like one's change in orientations.

  3. Dounris
    Dounris 11 months ago

    Yes. Girls have cooties. I brought this up during circle time before we assigned who would be milk monitor and line leader. Teacher said she'd put me on time out if I said it again. Perhaps I will feel better after a snack and a nap.

  4. Excited friends ready otlizat each other
    Zuk 11 months ago

    Anyone making ANY factual claim about the shroud has the burden of proof.

  5. Kazikasa
    Kazikasa 10 months ago

    DNA is a fact. Fossils are a fact. People who are experts in the field and the subject declare them facts. If you can find a real expert in this field who says otherwise, please let the rest of world know. We're all ears here fellow.

  6. Знакомства
    Taubei 10 months ago

    Yes it is

  7. Moran
    Moran 10 months ago

    When will we be talking about installing cat litter in bathrooms at tax payers expense just so a few thousand can feel at home while dealing with species dysphoria?

  8. Знакомства
    Salkis 10 months ago

    That's the hypothesis. It's only a hypothesis.

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Excited friends ready otlizat each other
Excited friends ready otlizat each other