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No, this is not about a multi-color birthday cake. Had that been the case, there would have been an issue. The lawyer indicated this was to celebrate her gender transition.


" Sonia, warming to the pleasing task, immediately began spearing each of her mother's lower orifices with her long tongue, and driving it in deep, as Celeste's body began to hump its crotch against the daughter's face.

She soon noticed that she was humming as she ate pussy lips, licked clit and forced her tongue and nose up both of her mother's lower sexual openings, as far as they would go. After her drool had been spread all over her mother's crotch, Ezra interrupted her by tapping her on her shoulder and saying, "It's time for me to start loosening up your mother's cock receptacles, bitch.

" The ugly teen grasped her by the hips and moved her body 90 degrees to the left, while keeping her wet face close by her mother's glistening crotch. She then saw the skinny little teen unzip his jeans and pull out a fully erect, long, thin prick, then watched the stiff tool go right past her nose and directly into her mother's cunt.

At the same time, over the top of her mother's perfectly rounded ass, she could see the other repugnant juvenile shove his own cock between her mother's parted lips and start face fucking her.

Sonia wasn't exactly sure when cuckolding officially occurs, but certainly she had just witnessed her step father's wife get double penetrated, during this pre-ejaculation phase of cuckoldry.

The pale dick that was right in front of her face, was now sliding in and out of Celeste's pussy, to full depth, as she watched it take her. Soon the boy jerked the glistening cock out of her mother's already wet hot pussy, then turned and, as she was licking her lips, stuck the cuntal juiced soaked tool into her mouth.

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  1. Tur
    Tur 11 months ago

    I will not leave. I can say what i like without breaking the rules.

  2. Gobei
    Gobei 11 months ago

    NOT remotely possible.

  3. Kazrasida
    Kazrasida 11 months ago

    No. But it IS a Fairy Tale...

  4. Guy and Snow Maiden
    Meztile 11 months ago

    Why do you require people to pretend and go back in the closet just to order something from a Public Shop?

  5. Mikahn
    Mikahn 10 months ago

    Lucky us who are graced with your presence then :P

  6. Guy and Snow Maiden
    Babar 10 months ago

    agreed. islame'k state of Syria, already exists. Same with Iraq but what will never exist, is a temple on that stupid hill, for animal sacrificing, returning to Neanderthal rituals.... (the red line).

  7. Guy and Snow Maiden
    Shakajas 10 months ago

    history YOU DON'T CITE?

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