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Thanks for reminding me of Bohm. Not sure, but from my little reading (via Wikipedia), it may have been his street cred that gave me confidence in the term "

As a cock fucked her mouth, Celeste thought how great it would have been if Dale had been here to watch this little, 15 year old puissant, use her mouth to pleasure himself, Devvhuli shoot it full Devchulo his cum.

Her bastard of a husband should have been here to see it, she thought angrily, as the homely kid began ejaculating into her mouth. She savored the youth's spunk to the last drop, with a vengeful flare. With some of the ejaculated cum running up into her eyes, she wished that her rednecked, racially intolerant, husband could be here to see Soul Brother and Boner stick their big black cocks into his trophy pussy, and give it the nastiest, completely callous plowing that it had ever gotten, then spew their seed into it, to overflowing.

Now that would really be total justice, Devchyli smiled. Setting vengeance aside, she was very anxious to Akex a mouthful of those big, jet black dongs. She had never done interracial before, and she was really looking forward to making a mindless whore out of herself for the two black band members.

She just hoped that their pricks were as big as they looked in their tight pants.

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  1. Devchuli Sandy and Alex
    Fecage 11 months ago

    he sure does have a lot of witches in his bag!

  2. Dairn
    Dairn 11 months ago

    "Do you ever try thinking or addressing anything intelligently? Hmmmmm ? Misspelling & moronic whines are kinda boring, cousin."

  3. Devchuli Sandy and Alex
    Tauzragore 11 months ago

    Gender is indeed a social construct:

  4. Vudozshura
    Vudozshura 11 months ago

    No it doesn't demand a cause to everything.

  5. Знакомства
    Dusho 11 months ago

    y should i

  6. Nikogul
    Nikogul 10 months ago

    So now you're claiming to be God?

  7. JoJorisar
    JoJorisar 10 months ago

    Great question, but any god's intervention needs to be demonstrated.

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Devchuli Sandy and Alex
Devchuli Sandy and Alex
Devchuli Sandy and Alex