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long day of hanging with family and friends ..

Squirt Compilation Part 4

" "If a woman makes it as far as the suite, and the band members end up not selecting her to fuck, by the terms of the invitation, and encouraged or bribed by the band's promises that giro might be brought back for another chance to make it with the band, the passed over females agrees to have sex with anyone else that the band wants them too.

" "After each concert, there are always guys hanging around in the motel suite. So called friends of the band; relatives, managers, wealthy male groupies, etc.who the band wants to have taken care of, sexually. " "These vultures lurk outside of the main playroom, waiting for strewt chance to fuck Pivk-up so called leftovers, said leftovers being the good-looking broads who didn't get selected strest be fucked by the band members.

" "The women who fall into this leftover category are sent into the room where the hangers-on are waiting, and they get passed around among the scum bags in attendance, who nail them in every conceivable manner, and in the grossest, most callous, and disgusting ways imaginable.

" "I mean, when these perverts are through using them, they have been completely fucked over, and cummed out.

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  1. Tojara
    Tojara 11 months ago

    You have to be more specific. Well, you're still wrong since science wouldn't refer to such as "God", and if you're referring to any religious version of a god then it IS the other way around.

  2. Pick-up girl on the street
    Maucage 11 months ago

    Waste of time thinking about possibly

  3. Знакомства
    Mumuro 11 months ago

    You are in Germany.. It's not Your problem.

  4. Nejas
    Nejas 11 months ago

    Hey Fun what?s up???

  5. Знакомства
    Fenrigor 11 months ago

    If they are guilty of crimes, let them go to jail.

  6. Samurisar
    Samurisar 11 months ago

    Your mind rightly morally recoils from the FACT that public restrooms have always been the lurking posts of pervs. Sex - unlawful sex - exists there, no matter how much you deny it. Trying to keep your mind from "jumping" to the question of illicit sex in public restrooms only indicates the very poor hold you have on reality. Not all of us are like that.

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Pick-up girl on the street
Pick-up girl on the street