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FamilyStrokes - Family Game Night Orgy

" "Then we'll take the mother in to the room the hangers-on are using, turn her over to them, then sit down and watch both of them get worked over and totally debauched by that pack of hyenas, and get more cocks stuffed in them than a brothel whore.

" "And what makes it all so god damned perfect, is that fact that you can see in their eyes that these two bimbos not only love to fuck, they came here with the full expectation that they were going to get totally wasted by us.

" "And, shithead, we are going to make sure that we do everything we can to help them achieve their goal, including, for the first time, letting you and Ezra fuck them, too. " "Damn, Benny, I haven't been this inspired by a woman in a long time. I'm telling you, that Mexican slut mother is so damned hot and well built, that it is driving me absolutely crazy.

She has really got my head spinning. I have never seen a bimbo that I wanted to debauch so bad.

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  1. Mimuro
    Mimuro 11 months ago

    Your father is an obscure cult leader, despite your delusions.

  2. Mezil
    Mezil 11 months ago

    She obviously didn't try hard enough to please him.

  3. Nikogar
    Nikogar 11 months ago

    Nice meeting :D

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Stepsister fuck humble brother Dan
Stepsister fuck humble brother Dan