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Yes he did.

Sasha foxx having sex

" "Then, if they are tempting enough to really turn the members on, they get chosen to make out with the whole band. " "Now, here is the part that is extremely dicey, and poses a serious risk that the two of you must consider very strongly, before you make the decision to go to the suite, if you are invited.

" "If a woman makes it as far as the suite, and the band members end up not selecting her to fuck, by the terms of the invitation, and encouraged or bribed by the band's promises that they might be brought back for another chance to make it with the band, the passed over females agrees to have sex with anyone else that the band wants them too.

" "After each concert, there are always guys hanging around in the motel suite. So called friends of the band; relatives, managers, wealthy male groupies, etc.who the band wants to have taken care of, sexually.

" "These vultures lurk outside of the main playroom, waiting for the chance to fuck the so called leftovers, said leftovers being the good-looking broads who didn't get selected to be fucked by the band members. " "The women who fall into this leftover category are sent into the room where the hangers-on are waiting, and they get passed around among the scum bags in attendance, who nail them in every conceivable manner, and in the grossest, most callous, and disgusting ways imaginable.

" "I mean, when these perverts are through using them, they have been completely fucked over, and cummed out. There isn't an inch of their body that doesn't have body fluids on it.

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  1. For sex help with homework
    Nikojind 11 months ago

    What they are engaging in is not "science" as is does not utilize the scientific principals and methods required. How sad it is that you view being honest and factual an "attack" on your sources.

  2. For sex help with homework
    Dishura 11 months ago

    hehehe oh those yeah really. that's a good one. who to ask is the question

  3. For sex help with homework
    Yolrajas 11 months ago

    Codes - by definition - are made.

  4. Nelar
    Nelar 11 months ago

    TMI thread lol

  5. Dugami
    Dugami 11 months ago

    I think parents like this should be taken out and shot so they can't breed anymore or infect anybody else with their bs. I've seen Jehovahs Witnesses deny their children lifesaving medical care due to what their 'religious' beliefs told them. I've seen that child suffer and their church stand by and watch it happen and I have witnessed the death of that child which is fecking evil itself perpetrated by idiots who maintain faith or lack of was the answer.

  6. Знакомства
    Voodoot 10 months ago

    Good morning James! How are you??

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For sex help with homework