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Well, lied to my parents. Yes I know that's a cop out but that's the best you're gonna get here. hahaha

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His dedicated pursuit of her had reached a point where she thought that the only reason Ronnie had made Dale his friend, was so he would get to see her as often as possible, so he could continue to try and get her to make out with him.

Even though she was now absolutely certain that her husband was up to no good, knowing that she had already decided to cuckold him, she kept her tongue, and just re-dedicated herself to making sure that she cuckolded him to the absolute maximum degree possible, just in case he and her son-in-law actually did cheat on them in LA, as she was absolutely certain that they planned to do.

Early Saturday morning Jerry brought Sonia to the house, and then he and Dale quickly departed for LA. Although Celeste was now really on the warpath, the men's early morning departure actually provided she and Sonia with all of the uninterrupted time they needed to get ready for their sinful night out at the concert.

Their husband's election to spend Saturday night, and most of Sunday, in LA, also gave them all the time they needed to get totally fucked, and to completely cuckold their ratfink husbands, before they returned home. While they were pampering and preparing themselves to party hard, Celeste told Sonia of her suspicions about their husbands plan to cheat on them.

Sonia, still much more trusting than her mother, tried to downplay it by telling Celeste that she was probably jumping to unwarranted conclusions. But, by the end of their discussions, both women were totally dedicated to letting themselves get totally fucked over tonight, and cuckolding the hell out of their husbands, for all the reasons they could think of, real or imagined.

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  1. Gardashakar
    Gardashakar 11 months ago

    Do you know if he has filed a additional harassment suit against the lawyer and firm that he contends is harassing him?

  2. Temuro
    Temuro 11 months ago

    yeah, so this chappy was just tooting a tune when I rocked up.

  3. Знакомства
    JoJoll 11 months ago

    Lol. Yes just raising his kids right ..

  4. Vudogal
    Vudogal 11 months ago

    When is enough going to be enough and this pedophile cult has it's tax exempt status revoked and it's doors shuttered? Enough already! The Catholic Church has been a disgrace for the 61 years I've occupied this planet and well before according to any reasonable historian.

  5. I fuck lesbian phallus girlfriend
    Arall 11 months ago

    He should stop hanging around with perverts then :-)))

  6. I fuck lesbian phallus girlfriend
    Tygosar 11 months ago

    Yeah, I guess it did... LOLOL!!!

  7. Dorn
    Dorn 11 months ago

    If they're not keeping their vows, of course. Still, a marriage of 2 keeping vows with kids is more sound than a marriage of 2 with a consenting outside party(s) with kids.

  8. Знакомства
    Kekora 11 months ago

    Speaking of good friends ??

  9. I fuck lesbian phallus girlfriend
    Yozshugami 11 months ago

    I?m down like a ??????

  10. Vozragore
    Vozragore 11 months ago

    Flagged. You appear to be making fun of transgendered people with a comment like that.

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I fuck lesbian phallus girlfriend
I fuck lesbian phallus girlfriend
I fuck lesbian phallus girlfriend