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I'm not certain that I fully understand the claim that the universe cannot be eternal. If a deity can be uncaused and uncreated, so too it seems, can be the universe. The OP wrote:

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    I don't keep count do you?

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    Who has more to fear: Humans of sharks...

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    So you blaspheme twice over. One by calling God a demon, two by the marcionist heresy.

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    - [To me "ego" is dead. As the time I got born as a Godly Being God essentially killed me and my ego. That is how I became Holy. And this God told me and did to me.] ?

  5. Lesbian games skinny chicks in a mesh top and
    Tataxe 11 months ago

    As you have failed to describe where microevolution ends and macroevolution begins, your wall of gibberish fools no one--and neither does your specious, risible refusal to enunciate your credentials.

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    Das einzig Wahre !

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    Not like we have a choice; do you have a different word for reality?

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    A transwoman or a transman IS NOT A CROSSDRESSER.

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    He?s a dude I?d definitely party with and I?m not much of a partier.

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    Sounds like it's too easy to qualify for

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