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Is it bad that my heart melted a little bit at "mend the squirrel with glue"? How adorable!

He looked into Sonia's sex clouded eyes and asked, "Are you the mother or the daughter?" "The daughter," she responded, with an "I want to be fucked" expression on her face. "I'm your biggest fan, King, and I am crazy for you.

" she blurted out. "What I want, more than anything, is to party hard with you, thr. " King looked at his two pussy hounds and said, "Benny, have you and Ezra explained the entrance test to them yet?" "Yes," Benny replied.

Looking back at Sonia, King said, "Well, if you pass these two boys sex test, and earn the right to attend our orgy, I promise you that you are going to get all of the partying you want, from me and the rest of the band members.

" "We have a pact that every volunteer Cunt will get each band members cock stuffed into all of their openings, and that each band member will get their rocks off in the slut, at least once.

" "How does that sound to you, honey," he asked with a devilish grin. "Oh God, it sounds wonderful," she gushed, ready to climax if he touched st.

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  1. Malarg
    Malarg 11 months ago

    I can't ready any language mate, I just look at pictures ....

  2. Retired at the apartment
    Mezirn 11 months ago

    You are grasping at straws. I rewrote direct text from your post. Not using quotation marks is irrelevant.

  3. Shakajinn
    Shakajinn 10 months ago

    How is lynching funny, exactly?

  4. Arashitaxe
    Arashitaxe 10 months ago

    that would be awesome to see!!!!

  5. Meztirr
    Meztirr 10 months ago

    Ah - so the lack of desire to do so, then.

  6. Знакомства
    Arashigar 10 months ago

    Haha,nearly got me with wheel,was only saved as the night before he got me,thought i was posting with wendy,and turned out to be that dirty wrench.??

  7. Shakamuro
    Shakamuro 10 months ago

    Science doesn't consider ridiculous reasons or reasons that have no evidence or proper reasoning to consider. Your OP does think such are okay. They are not, at all, even close to the same. That you don't get that is part of why you continue to lose in these debates. The only way you can win is to get your mod buddy to ban me for being right.

  8. Jushicage
    Jushicage 10 months ago

    Are you okay with anti-vaxxers who aren't Christian?

  9. Retired at the apartment
    Yogrel 10 months ago

    When you have evidence a creator of the universe even exists, maybe we can shoehorn you in,

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