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" "Damn, Benny, I haven't been this inspired by a woman in a long time. I'm telling you, that Mexican slut mother is so damned hot and well built, that it is driving me absolutely crazy.

She has really got my head spinning. I have never seen a bimbo that I wanted to debauch so bad. " He slapped his geek pussy scout on the shoulder and said, "I have got to go. Lets' keep all of this a secret until it is time to break the news to them, that we have appointed them to also be sex fodder for the hangers-on.

" "Damn, these are some kind of great looking Latina sexpots. I wish we could make them our groupies, and take them with us. EARNING THE RIGHT TO GET FUCKED BY THE BAND: As soon as Benny and King had left the room, Sonia, totally hot from King's affirmative visit that assured them that the band was going to select them to fuck, was now more than ready to earn her ticket to get band fucked, walked up to Ezra and asked, eagerly, "Okay, do we do you two guys right here.

" Grinning broadly, the nasty looking little creep said, "You sure as hell do, you fuckin' Latina slut.

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  1. Shakanris
    Shakanris 11 months ago

    I challenge the Pharisees of today who would bind others in the chains of legalism when Christ Jesus has come to set us free to love God and each other.

  2. Знакомства
    Zulugis 10 months ago

    You don?t give Weisselberg immunity just to go after Cohen.

  3. Brazahn
    Brazahn 10 months ago

    Yep and they had no concept of the second coming of Jesus.

  4. Fucks curly bitch
    Kijin 10 months ago

    Thanks! Looks like I can get upload to work if I'm in notifications. ??

  5. Shaktiran
    Shaktiran 10 months ago

    Haah cute :)

  6. Знакомства
    Meztizragore 9 months ago

    Sounds more like something someone on the right made up to blame on the left. We'd have come up with something far more creative than "front hole".

  7. Fejar
    Fejar 9 months ago

    But that doesn't mean you're not funny.

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Fucks curly bitch
Fucks curly bitch