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Hey, Trump is president, so the answer to that question is "Yes, we are that stupid!"

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" "They were just voted the grossest looking band in the world. They dress so weird and wear such funky make-up, that they look like attendees of a grotesque Halloween Party for decaying corpses. Women go absolutely ape over them.

" "I know that I would have sex with King, in a heartbeat, if I ever got the chance. And he makes me so hot that I really do mean that, mother. " "And, if I was to let King fuck me, and Jerry found out about it, Jerry would either have to bite the bullet and accept it, or just hit the road. " Furthering her clit driven thoughts, Sonia admitted, dreamily, "Hell, I also love the drummer, Funk, and the lead guitarist, Gronk, and I would fuck either, or both of them, in a New York minute.

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  1. Знакомства
    Mezimi 1 year ago

    Your figures simply aren't true. Guttmacher (which does all the stats for Planned Parenthood) reported that "medication abortions accounted for 31% of all nonhospital abortions in 2014, and for 45% of abortions before nine weeks? gestation in 2014." The rest are done surgically, with vacuum aspiration being the most common.

  2. Знакомства
    Kelar 1 year ago

    I?m not missing out....threes a party..??o

  3. Doukasa
    Doukasa 1 year ago

    ???????????? Right on...totally stole from a fortune cookie dude.

  4. Sisyastaya sexy German girl fucks guy trance
    Shara 11 months ago

    I'll bet it bothers him a lot. trump is a thin skinned whiny little bitch that pouts when he's not invited to the party and then lashes out like the petulant child he is.

  5. Знакомства
    Daigar 11 months ago

    Lmao!!! Now that'd be fun!

  6. Groll
    Groll 11 months ago

    Cool. I'll hold that trophy for you tomorrow. Once you become a grand slam winner, I'll make you a customized trophy with your name on it.

  7. Sisyastaya sexy German girl fucks guy trance
    Shaktizilkree 11 months ago

    Great! We can have a real-time test...

  8. Gumuro
    Gumuro 11 months ago

    Graphing and formulas. As soon as the screen pops up, I?m so fvking lost.

  9. Mikak
    Mikak 10 months ago

    You're only fooling yourself. So, I recommend you take your 'dumbass" commenting self elsewhere.

  10. Знакомства
    Vojora 10 months ago

    Are you going to try to wave away the fact that you are either a male or a female? and that in rare cases people are born hermaphrodite as an abnormality?

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Sisyastaya sexy German girl fucks guy trance
Sisyastaya sexy German girl fucks guy trance