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C14 dating???That can only go back ~50K years, not 50MM. To date dinosaur fossils, other elements/isotopes with longer half lives are used, such as Uranium/Lead and Potassium. I know you know this, and are just going to deny the validity because you dislike the results, but they are able to date the rock surrounding the fossils well beyond 50MM YAGO.

Daddy, fuck me right here!

Sonia, still much more trusting than her mother, tried to downplay it by telling Celeste that she was probably jumping to unwarranted conclusions. But, by the end of their discussions, both women were totally dedicated to letting themselves get totally fucked over tonight, and cuckolding the hell out of their husbands, for all the reasons they could think of, real or imagined.

A maximum cuckolding now being a given, as they prepared themselves for the big night out, they were both filled with excitement. No matter what happened, the concert was going to be a wild affair, and they were going to get right in the middle of it and have the time of their lives, hopefully with the help of the Acid Droppers band.

They were going to be totally free to listen to the dirty music, get hit on, hopefully meet the looks requirements of the band's Pussy Search Squad. If they did get selected to party with the band members, they were going to let them have their way with them, for as long as they wanted, and every way that they wanted.

AN INVITATION IS EXTENDED WITH SEXUAL CONDITIONS: When they finally had their micro-mini dresses on, Celeste's being of a molten gold color and Sonia's a bright yellow, both of the vulgarly dressed, voluptuous females felt confident that they were dressed indecently enough to be very competitive in the Pussy Search squad's efforts to find the most outrageously dressed, best stacked, most beautiful women there.

When they got to the event, they were disheartened by the fact that there were so many gorgeous women in attendance, women who were not only beautiful, but were dressed just as trashily and vulgarly as they were. During the first two of the three Acid Dropper's music sessions, in spite of the fierce competition, many men were dancing with them, hitting on them without letup, and coping plenty of feels.

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  1. Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month
    Kilkree 11 months ago

    You like being ignorant in multiple subjects, I get it.

  2. Знакомства
    Tasida 10 months ago

    No, but you do. You cite Mendel when I write about anthropology.

  3. Знакомства
    Taurisar 10 months ago

    And it just keeps getting better. You just called yourself dumb, it was your own comment, lol.

  4. Akinokazahn
    Akinokazahn 10 months ago

    What you gf did? That girl was calling for a fight XD

  5. Kajigul
    Kajigul 10 months ago

    Sloth, Gluttony, lust. But enough about me. It you want to "fix" yur vices, Thrud, you can't stop them. You can and must have goals, places your want to go, things you want to do and be. Vices are what get in your way and must be fixed only when and if they get in yur way. Trying to imagine what yur vices are and fixing them from your present vice ridden state of mind while trapped in your present state of mind, instead of merely becoming what you want to be? Too hard.

  6. Знакомства
    Fautaur 10 months ago

    Present facts in place of your baseless accusations. Snopes has not been that reliable lately either.

  7. Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month
    Fell 10 months ago

    You are soon welcome

  8. Знакомства
    Mikajas 9 months ago

    That's not a verse or quote from Him. Still waiting....

  9. Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month
    Zuramar 9 months ago

    I used to think that invention was discovery. Was the light bulb invented or discovered?

  10. Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month
    Sazshura 9 months ago

    You seem to be alleging that people targeted these two individuals because of their pro-atheism speech. While it may be true that people don't like them because of their atheism, the First Amendment does not protect speakers from the consequences of their non-speech-related actions. The speech aspects are not what drove their firings, it was the sexual harassment. Btw, the complainants here all are from the atheist or secular community. In fact, several of the allegations took place at conventions for atheist, secular or skeptic groups. The complainants were big fans of Silverman and Krauss before the incidents.

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Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month
Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month
Top Rated videos from the category Orgies past month