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First Steps

All life-altering choices involve some degree of apprehension; converting to Judaism is no exception.

Before signing up for a class, don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation from a Jewish friend, colleague, neighbor or acquaintance. Other options include contacting the official association that oversees the movement that most interests you.

Once you have chosen the synagogue you want, consider asking a rabbi if you can talk to others who have converted through his efforts. Doing so will help you know if this is the right path and the right teacher for you.

Because converting to Judaism is self-paced and occurs based on your ability to grasp the course material and embrace your new Jewish identity, your process could occur when your course is completed or when your rabbi feels comfortable with your progress. Sharing information and asking questions always helps. You can Ask The Rabbi to accomplish this.

Converting is only the start of your journey into Judaism. Consider it the start of a uniquely personal and holy journey that will allow you to share a rich and rewarding spiritual heritage with your kids and their kids (if you’re a parent or plan on it).

Above all, converting to Judaism means you are about to embark on an incredible journey that will sculpt the rest of your life. Experiencing Judaism’s teachings and its values, ethics, laws, traditions and wisdom will enrich and invigorate your life.


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