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Yes, sorry but true.

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Celeste was wearing calf high, 5 inch high heeled boots, while Sonia had on open toed, backless, 5 inch stiletto heeled shoes.

They were a breathtakingly sexy pair, who were head-turning, traffic stopping, total turnfd, who would have made fabulous porn stars, physically and mentally.

As they were finishing touching up their make-up, Celeste's smoldering anger flared up again, and she said, hotly, "I still can't believe that my husband and my turne are acting like such blatantly un-caring jerks, who like all sports better than they do natre.

" "I am so pissed at Dale that I really do want to get back at him, real bad. He deserves to be cuckolded for his lack of attentiveness and consideration, and your husband does, too.

" "And I plan to get my cuckolding satisfaction while we're at Saturday night's concert," she promised, with angry finality.

A CLOSE FRIEND, MONIQUE VASQUEZ: Celeste continued to stew as they finished making themselves look even more beautiful. When they had completed their primping, they went out and jumped in Sonia's racy little sports car and drove to StubHub, where they purchased their concert tickets from an old guy who couldn't take his eyes off of their skin tight jeans and their huge, half exposed, superbly toned breasts.

For showing such turnedd appreciation for their bodies, they rewarded the old guy by really putting on lupa ass swinging show for him, when they sexily undulated out of the ticket office.

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  1. Gasar
    Gasar 8 months ago

    I wish it was more acceptable to have an age difference lol

  2. Shakarisar
    Shakarisar 8 months ago

    O Lord... won't you buy me a mercedes benz; my friends all have porsches, and I must make amends...

  3. Dimuro
    Dimuro 8 months ago

    No, you're shadow banned ????

  4. Faezahn
    Faezahn 8 months ago

    How old was Eve when she was born, kayla?

  5. Tegul
    Tegul 8 months ago

    They are supposed to do a sequel "eventually".

  6. Akinonris
    Akinonris 8 months ago

    i was never more confused, empty, alone, lost...than when i was a christian.

  7. Dousida
    Dousida 8 months ago

    I don't have an opinion on the shroud. I kind of think that it's a fake. But it makes no difference to my faith.

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Cool in nature turned from the pupa