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This is why there is so many local churches and what one church do in one church is not what some may do in others. In the church we attend it is clear not to allow gay married. But I am not going to worry over some other church that do. This is what the judgement of God is all about. I have to live the best Christian life as I see it is in the bible. Would Jesus would have allow gay married or attend one and He would have not. Because Jesus talked about living a righteous life more than anyone else. Until someone show me it is okay to be gay in the sight of God then yes I will continue to see it is wrong. But I do not agree with it but I have had gay friends and they know where I stand and I respect them and yes I will even bake a cake for them. Because unto Christ all manner of sins can be forgiving. Let me say this to. Allowing gay married no. But allowing them to attend our church why not, because we all have sin and following short of the glory of God. Whosoever call upon Jesus shall be saved.

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" Looking at his bodaciously stacked, temporary sex mate, Benny barked, authoritatively, "Now, you hot assed MILF, bend over the desk and lets start working on loosening up your cock receptacles and bringing out the total bimbo in you. " Submissively, Celeste pushed the lunch wrappers and plastic bottles off of the desk, then bent forward at the waist and lowered her upper body until she was face down on the small desk, and her huge tits were pressed flat against the desktop.

The anxious little slime ball quickly pulled his pecker out of his jeans, then used a fist full of her thick black hair to pull her head up, then held it in place so he could dry fuck it. He quickly pressed his odorous scrotum against her mouth, and began callously humping her face, and rubbing his cock shaft and balls all over it, as well as on her head and neck.

She quickly realized that she and Sonia were going to be treated worse that cheap tramps, as part of making them prove what total sluts wngaged were willing to be for the band.

But, at that, she had to admit that even this degrading act was making her hot, as she moved closer to realizing the pure satisfaction she was going to get from cuckolding her probably cheating husband, first with these two little degenerates, and later with the figness ugly, cartoonish looking band members.

Celeste sighed, knowing that they had no choice but to give to get, and must resign themselves to spending the next hour letting these two lowlife slugs use them, and then make them swallow their cum. The worst part of this task was actually having to look at the ugly young faces of these two nerdy looking semen engqged, while they were being put through the paces.

Where was a glory hole when you needed one. It would certainly come in handy, right now. They could just suck cocks and never have to know how ugly the body was that the dongs were attached too.

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    "Because the American people would NEVER stand for giverment DOUBLING their tax rate and adding a VAT, to pay for it!"

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    I know chiquita. Waz up

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    See you bro????????????

  4. Cute chicks during fitness engaged in lesbian sex for a slim figure
    Katilar 7 months ago

    No, you can shag her, but you can't breed her.

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    Haha, its amazing I still find this kind of argument and assumption comical and not just flat out sad in more ways than one.

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    A fellow red color lover, awesome

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Cute chicks during fitness engaged in lesbian sex for a slim figure
Cute chicks during fitness engaged in lesbian sex for a slim figure
Cute chicks during fitness engaged in lesbian sex for a slim figure