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ANY real evidence that is arrived at using logic and reason, not faith.

As soon as the came out of the toilet, two sleazy looking young boys, who appeared to be in their mid-teens, tapped them on the shoulders and introduced themselves as being members of the band's concert staff. The two repugnant looking youngsters quickly showed them their concert staff credentials, then one of them said, "We are here to tell you that you have been invited to attend an, after the concert, private party' that was being thrown by the band members.

" The mother and daughter nearly gave each other high fives when the magic words were uttered. Absolutely ecstatic, they heard one of the boys say to them, "If you are interested in attending the party, follow us. " The youngsters began walking away, briskly, with the to gloriously, barely clad women eagerly following behind them.

They were led down into the bowels of the concert facility, to an office in the maintenance area of the huge old structure. The small, stark room had no windows, and was furnished with only a small, cheap desk and two straight back metal chairs.

The room was apparently used as a place for workers to eat their meals, since it was littered with food wrappers, empty plastic bottles, and other debris.

When the door closed behind them, one of the pale skinned runts asked, "Are you two sisters?" Celeste responded, "No, we're mother and daughter. " Startled by that news, the kid said, with a pasty grin, "You're shitting me.

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  1. Nalkis
    Nalkis 11 months ago

    Omg, I was thinking the same thing.

  2. Tudal
    Tudal 11 months ago

    Try replying again with a coherent sentence. I know you use mobile, but I can't figure out what the hell you are saying there.

  3. Mirn
    Mirn 11 months ago

    I blame Madden and his association with the Raiders.

  4. Two members of the anal
    Kajijas 10 months ago

    You appear to have a phobia. You avoid basic scientific principles.

  5. Знакомства
    Dalkis 10 months ago

    The cover up and lying occurred prior.

  6. Vurn
    Vurn 10 months ago

    I had an easy time not taking it

  7. Taugis
    Taugis 10 months ago

    Excellent comment. I slightly disagree on point 3, mostly because there are many people who need the catholic church as a point of reference. I hope there will be some ethical cleaning, because some societies couldn't easily stand its collapse.

  8. Malanris
    Malanris 10 months ago

    I did. You are a kind young lady.

  9. Two members of the anal
    Yozshujas 10 months ago

    The neutrality of the early Christians in relation to the political and military affairs of the world is an established fact of history. It was in harmony with Jesus? refusal to be made a king by the crowds (John 6:15) and with his statement to Pilate that his kingdom was no part of the world. (John 18:36)

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Two members of the anal
Two members of the anal
Two members of the anal
Two members of the anal