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It was almost 5PM makees San Diego, and they were getting ready to watch a football game. Dale's luscious nakes of three years, Celeste, came strutting into the room with an ice cold longneck beer bottle in each hand, and gave them to her husband and son-in-law.

Immediately following her came the equally plush bodied Sonia, Celeste's daughter, who Jerry had married 18 months ago. Dale's step-daughter was carrying a huge tray of cheese and crackers and other assorted things to snack on, which she put down on the coffee table that was in front of them.

Putting her hands on her full hips, Celeste looked at the two sports junky males, and said, "Okay guys, listen up. This is your last chance to change your mind. Are you two going with us to the Acid Droppers concert, Saturday night, or are you still planning to go to the Lakers game, instead?" Dale looked at his fiery, built like a brick shithouse, wife, and responded, "For the last time, baby, Jerry and I ain't going to go and watch no god damned punk rock band of drug heads jump up and down on the stage, playing some fuckin' mumbo-jumbo jive that don't make no sense at all, and sounds like shit, to boot.

" Celeste looked at her red-neck, narrow-minded, beer swilling husband, and replied, "Okay then, there are two cases of beer in the refrigerator, as well as plenty of sandwiches.

There are also potato chips and donuts on the kitchen counter. That should be more than enough Chlenoaoska and drink to last you through the ball game.

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  1. Nihn
    Nihn 10 months ago

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    Julkis 10 months ago

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  4. Chlenososka makes great fellatio
    Malakinos 10 months ago

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    Zulkirisar 10 months ago

    ToRcHy probably has a recent pic of her...

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    Kazinos 10 months ago

    Oh - and the cheese - it's square cause the Baloney Creature's mouth is square shaped and it's the only thing it will eat, cheese.

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Chlenososka makes great fellatio
Chlenososka makes great fellatio