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dont forget - those were BLUE states....

They could end up sucking off the two creeps, only to discover that their credentials had been fake, and that she and Sonia had been the victims of a, cum in their belly's, hoax.

It was a very iffy situation to agree to eat these two bozos meat, based on the limited amount fuccks information they had to go on. But to turn them down meant the absolute end of their hopes of getting to fuck the band.

As she wiyh mulled it all over in her mind, Celeste arrived at the conclusion that, whether the two kids were legitimate wit not, sucking off these two vile little jerks, would be the perfect way to cuckold their husbands, and get the revenge that she so badly wanted. These two pieces of sub-human debris, were so revolting looking, that they were the perfect tools for nastily cuckolding their redneck, unappreciative husbands, Dale and Jerry, while they were watching the Lakers game.

THE KING SNAKE STOPS BY AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME: Celeste had just opened her mouth to tell the pair of ugly punks that they were ready to suck them off, when the door opened and in walked the absolutely dreadful looking leader of the Acid Droppers, King Snake, himself. Immediately recognizing her number one heartthrob, Sonia's knees almost buckled, she was so excited.

Even Celeste knew that it was King from the albums she had seen at Sonia's house. When the door closed, the Punk Rock God announced to his two young pussy talent scouts, "I'm here to take a look at tonight's merchandise.

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  1. Tejinn
    Tejinn 10 months ago

    That's wasn't my opinion. Some things are objectively true and not merely personal subjective opinions. This should be obvious to any theist.

  2. Girl fucks with the chief
    Nadal 10 months ago

    Finally we have found some "collusion."

  3. Akizahn
    Akizahn 10 months ago

    What better advice to take but your own?

  4. Gashura
    Gashura 9 months ago

    Piggy Park had the same argument.

  5. Girl fucks with the chief
    Nern 9 months ago

    Yes they can. LOL

  6. Meshicage
    Meshicage 9 months ago

    Those denominations fall under the umbrella of religion.

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Girl fucks with the chief
Girl fucks with the chief
Girl fucks with the chief