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It is a sad shameful state of being that in this day and age so called adults won't teach their children the concept of tolerance. I do see it in my own family unfortunately, but I am proud to say my wife and I have made sure our kids have more open minds.

Dale's step-daughter was carrying a huge tray of cheese and crackers and other assorted things to snack on, which she put down on the coffee table that was in front of them.

Putting her hands on her full hips, Celeste looked wigh the two sports junky males, and said, "Okay guys, listen up. This is your last chance to change your mind. Are you two going with us to the Acid Droppers concert, Saturday night, or are you still planning to go to the Lakers game, instead?" Dale looked at his fiery, built like a brick shithouse, wife, and responded, "For the last time, baby, Jerry and I ain't going to go and watch no god damned punk rock band of drug wth jump up and down on the stage, playing some fuckin' mumbo-jumbo jive that don't make no sense at all, and sounds like shit, to boot.

" Celeste looked at her red-neck, narrow-minded, beer swilling husband, and replied, "Okay then, there are two cases of beer in the refrigerator, as well as plenty of sandwiches.

There are also potato chips and donuts on the kitchen counter. That should be more than enough food and drink to last you through the ball game.

" "Now, while you two are enjoying your damned football game, Sonia and I are going to go to StubHub and buy our tickets to the concert, and then go shopping for some outfits that are sexy enough to wear to a crazy, demented, punk rock bash, like this one is promising to be.

tye "Shit honey, Dale asked, "Don't you two babe's already have something in your closets that you can wear to that damned gathering of pot smoking, drug snorting, degenerates?" "No we don't," Celeste responded, huffily. "We have to buy something really special, so we can look just as hot as the other women who will be attending the event.

These acid rock concerts require the type of skimpy, erotic, dirty dancing outfits that we don't have.

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  1. Japanese girl sucks and fucks with her boyfriend in the car
    Dolar 11 months ago

    Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers. Also the priesthood is perfect if you want to be a kiddy fiddler.

  2. Maugami
    Maugami 11 months ago

    ?Mueller has gotten some guilty pleas, but none of those guilty pleas get him any closer to collusion and conspiracy with Russian actors and people in the Trump campaign.?

  3. Kigaramar
    Kigaramar 10 months ago

    yeah, I dunno, I missed the appoint for today, so we'll see

  4. Kazigrel
    Kazigrel 10 months ago

    We don?t have enough time to discuss my issues ??????

  5. Japanese girl sucks and fucks with her boyfriend in the car
    Mikalrajas 10 months ago

    i dont know how to invite lol

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Japanese girl sucks and fucks with her boyfriend in the car