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The term 'successful' came from the OP, not me. Stupid.

Charity Crawford Quick Cut Compilation

" Hefting them, he said, "Shit, they couldn't be any better. " As he turned them loose, he gave them each a cleavage rippling slap, then grlfriend them jiggle.

He looked into Sonia's sex clouded eyes and asked, "Are you the mother or the daughter?" "The daughter," she responded, with an "I want to be fucked" expression on her face.

"I'm your biggest fan, King, and I am crazy for you. " she blurted out. "What I want, more than anything, is to party hard with you, tonight. " King looked at his two pussy hounds and said, "Benny, have you and Ezra explained the entrance test to them yet?" "Yes," Benny replied.

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  1. Paid and fucked girlfriend
    Gagrel 11 months ago

    It always goes back somehow to Bill Clinton to excuse Trump.

  2. Paid and fucked girlfriend
    Maugul 11 months ago

    You might care about reducing your ignorance on the topic you are discussing. You know- for self-improvement.

  3. Tak
    Tak 11 months ago

    And who's to say there is 'THE' purpose? Why would it have to be just one purpose?

  4. Brale
    Brale 11 months ago

    I have them every once in awhile ...not as often as I would like .

  5. Mak
    Mak 11 months ago

    Lol in your dreams

  6. Malajora
    Malajora 11 months ago

    Since you have no power here, I'll type words however I want. If you have an issue, you know where to go.

  7. Juhn
    Juhn 10 months ago

    Maybe if we imposed a $1 million dollar per illegal tariff on products coming from Mexico we wouldn't need the wall right away.

  8. Kigagami
    Kigagami 10 months ago

    In clear, understandable point of fact, actually.

  9. Paid and fucked girlfriend
    Sagal 10 months ago

    Peace out muffin ????????????

  10. Vudorg
    Vudorg 10 months ago

    .....the dotard is daring you to put him out of office !!!

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Paid and fucked girlfriend
Paid and fucked girlfriend