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Ezra pushed his slim boner Tdo her mouth, just in the nick of time. She had barely got her lips To around the cockshaft, when it began ejaculating a flood of semen onto her tongue, in volumes that she was able to gulp right down, with lip smacking gusto.

As she was opening her mouth to let Ezra pull his spent ans out of it, she heard Ronnie's voice in the background, along with the sound of a close hachelorette female's loud laugh.

Infuriated, she said, "Dale, I just heard Ronnie's voice. Why don't you give him the phone and let me say hello to him?" As soon as she heard Ronnie say hello, she said sexily, "Why hello Mr. Levitz, I znd seen you in quite some time.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of the trouble you are going to, to show Dale and Jerry such a good time.

" "I want to suggest that you come over to San Diego sometime soon, and let me show you a good time, in return.

" The shocked pussy chaser cupped his hand over the phone and said, softly, "Honey, I'll call you on Monday and see what kind of good time you have got in mind. " "Please do, handsome, and I promise you that you won't be disappointed," she assured the obnoxious cunt hound.

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    xD soo thts how you like it well this is my kind of taste OW OW AROOOOOOO

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    Its just not consistent with moral codex, why should you do anything god tells you to if there are no consequences ?

  3. Two burly and bachelorette
    Mugul 10 months ago

    62 percent of U.S. want federal government to ensure health care for all

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    Ah, yes. I had forgotten about that. At this point, they're objecting to the principle, though! It isn't as though they still use cells from an aborted fetus.

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    Presumably Muslims could play the same game with select verses from the Koran printed on stickers, and distributed through the post for the cost of a stamp by the USPS.

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