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While scripture can have many applications, it has only one valid interpretation. That interpretation is reliant only on what God purposefully breathed through faithful men. There may be many perspectives on a particular passage, but contradictory perspectives cannot both be valid at the same time and in the same way. This isn't to say that

Under any measure, there was no question that her husband had just been nastily orally cuckolded, she thought to herself, with delight. Not only had he been cuckolded, but it had been done by two disgusting looking teen pukes, who her red necked, right wing husband would classify as poor white trash.

But, putting these two ugly punks into whatever category her husband might choose, the fact of the matter was that their twin semen loads were now sloshing around inside of her beautiful belly. But the revenge was only beginning. She was now going to turn her husband's trophy body over to a lot of men, to be gangbanged and totally defiled, for starters.

Then, next week, she was going to let his skirt chasing buddy get in her panties, and into everything else he wanted, and cuckold Dale, again. Of course she knew that the womanizing, Ronnie, wasn't going to settle for one session with her.

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  1. Gazuru
    Gazuru 10 months ago

    Nope...the notion of protected classes elevate protections above other "classes."

  2. with bitch in stockings
    Tezil 10 months ago

    Oh? You are talking about Vishnu, then.

  3. Durg
    Durg 10 months ago

    Origins of life science admits its atheistic

  4. JoJozragore
    JoJozragore 10 months ago

    Oh, I googled pantheism and then went into images. It caught my eye right off the bat. ??

  5. Taugis
    Taugis 10 months ago

    soooo, that exonerates manfort?

  6. with bitch in stockings
    Gardamuro 10 months ago

    Have you ever been to the Atlantic Ocean?

  7. Bajar
    Bajar 9 months ago

    I fail to understand the connection. Plenty of 'believing, faithful Christians' also support the death penalty. And that kills persons. Abortion does not.

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with bitch in stockings
with bitch in stockings
with bitch in stockings