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Boredom is scary.. lonelyness is even worse...

Natasha gives us a video recording of herself

And we won't have to listen to any of our biased husband's snide, sarcastic remarks. " She went on, excitedly, "I absolutely love the Acid Droppers band, and their leader, King Snake.

It is far and away my favorite punk rock group of all time. " "They were just voted the grossest looking band in the world. They dress so weird and wear such funky make-up, that they look like attendees of a grotesque Halloween Party for decaying corpses.

Women go absolutely ape over them. " "I know that I would have sex with King, in a heartbeat, if I ever got the chance.

And he makes me so hot that I really do mean that, mother. " "And, if I was to let King fuck me, and Jerry found out about it, Jerry would either have to bite the bullet and accept it, or just hit the road. " Furthering her clit driven thoughts, Sonia admitted, dreamily, "Hell, I also love the drummer, Funk, and the lead guitarist, Gronk, and I would fuck either, or both of them, in a New York minute.

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  1. Tushicage
    Tushicage 11 months ago

    Well let's not get unhinged. I will first have to figure out what you and your scientist are saying before I agree with either of you. I'm not a astrophysicist.

  2. Nikogrel
    Nikogrel 11 months ago

    You've earned the right, sure. But you still are doing your damned best to murder six million Jews. You supported the Iranian deal.

  3. Moloduha Little Caprice
    Tazil 11 months ago

    Walking thru this stuff is the bible...and it is describing alternate dimensions and vibration carrying elements of force...which all things are supposedly created from as per genesis 1. Kinda rubs you raw if you think about it.

  4. Знакомства
    Vigis 11 months ago

    Here's your "temporary" upvote Hud rule maker.

  5. Знакомства
    Ganris 11 months ago

    It would be hilarious!

  6. Zulkikus
    Zulkikus 10 months ago

    The primary purpose of sheep is to get fleeced.

  7. Meztizil
    Meztizil 10 months ago

    Speech like that deserves at least 5 cookies.

  8. Dihn
    Dihn 10 months ago

    It would be cool, then you could talk to two people in my family.

  9. Знакомства
    Akiran 10 months ago

    The option is contraception. Cheap and easy. We should be pushing those really hard. Choosing between abortions and poverty is a choice that very few have to make if sex ed and contraceptives are ubiquitous.

  10. Moloduha Little Caprice
    Mazular 10 months ago

    Care to point out where it says that he was speaking about the temple of his body?

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