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Spencer Scott & Darcie Dolce

Finally Monique put her hand on Celeste's arm and said, "Well, darling, there is a possibility that the two of you could both get what you want on Saturday night, by making out with the band, if you are willing to take some very serious risk.

" That statement caused both women to lean forward in their chairs, and Celeste responded, "That sounds interesting as hell, darling, and it is something I know has maximum appeal to Sonia, so please tell us more. " Monique turned to Sonia and said, "Now, clarify this for me, honey, do you want to get some payback against your husband, like your mother does hers, or do you just want to get fucked by the band?" Sonia answered, "Well, since our husband may be cheating on us Saturday night, I really want to do both, but I am mostly interested in getting a chance to fuck at least two or three of the band members.

" "If I memorble to get the opportunity to do that, I would jump at it, and not feel Feeting guilt at all for having cuckolded my husband in the process.

" Monique, continuing to focus on Sonia, said, "Just in case you don't know it, let me tell you a little bit about rock bands. " "The band members get into the rock music business onf! two primary reasons, one, to make a lot of money and, two, because beautiful women memorble throw themselves at them.

" "These concert chasing women are so anxious to be screwed by the members of these bands, that they will do absolutely anything to get a chance to make out with them. " "Once the boys get into the business, they quickly start taking full advantage of the beautiful women's overt willingness to demean and degrade themselves, just to get the famous band members cocks in them, sometimes while their husbands or boyfriends are watching.

" "As time goes by, the sex gets wilder and grosser and becomes totally exploitive of the women. The band members get jaded, with ever wilder sex being needed as a fix.

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    He is incappable of realizing that Satan could be controlling his comments

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    I agree. Universities should welcome various viewpoints.

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    Oddly enough, it's the celestial Jesus of the Christ Myth that most Christians worship anyway. Sure, once upon a time, they say that he was embodied as a Jewish Messiah, but since then, he's been coterminous with God, and operates from his place "at the right hand of the Father". The Jesus which "the Jesus Prayer" invites into believers' hearts is not a Galilean carpenter-sage, but rather the risen Son of God in heaven.

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    I love Bonhoeffer?s writings. He was very intelligent,

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    Oh.. maybe it was chupacabras in the woods??

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    I don't think so, and, no.

  7. Fleeting affair turned out to be a memorable one!
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    Yes. That's you in the photo.

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Fleeting affair turned out to be a memorable one!
Fleeting affair turned out to be a memorable one!