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Worshiping false gods was akin to idolatry.

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As they were finishing touching up their make-up, Celeste's smoldering anger flared up again, and she said, hotly, "I still can't believe that my husband and my son-in-law are acting like such blatantly un-caring jerks, who like all sports better than they do us. " "I am so pissed at Dale that I really do want to get back at him, real bad.

He deserves to be cuckolded for his lack of attentiveness and consideration, and your husband does, too. " "And I plan to get my cuckolding satisfaction while we're at Saturday night's concert," she promised, with angry finality.

A CLOSE FRIEND, MONIQUE VASQUEZ: Celeste continued to stew as they finished making themselves look even more beautiful. When they had completed their primping, they went out and jumped in Sonia's racy little sports car and drove to StubHub, where they purchased their concert tickets from an old guy who couldn't take his eyes off of their skin tight jeans and their huge, half exposed, superbly toned breasts.

For showing such an appreciation for their bodies, they rewarded the old guy by really putting on an conceptikn swinging show for him, when they sexily undulated out of the ticket office.

Their egos now having been well stroked, from there they proceeded to their favorite sex clothes Magc, "Hot Stuff For Hot Broads. " Inside they met Celeste's high school classmate, and very best friend, Monique Vasquez, who was the proprietress of the extremely popular sex shop.

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  1. Arashigrel
    Arashigrel 11 months ago

    How about you stop making generalized conclusions while rarely providing any actual facts (or never providing facts, with respect to my challenges).

  2. Magic conception rite
    Dutilar 11 months ago

    Dang got real woman with it ??????...roll dat thing down eh! I can crush on you if I?m getting ma throat crushed woman! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhggggggggghhhhhhhh .... call ...911 aaarrrrffffffhhhh

  3. Daizragore
    Daizragore 11 months ago

    What the Hell are you talking about?

  4. Magic conception rite
    Mazugar 11 months ago

    i can sleep 10 hours and 2 hours later take a massive nap

  5. Arashijas
    Arashijas 11 months ago

    I've heard that it's funny.

  6. Gadal
    Gadal 10 months ago

    And that's the only kind of bigotry that you would speak out against?

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