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Refer to this list often and bookmark it. We’ve selected the most useful resources for supporting you through the conversion process, and for assisting you in your life as a new Jew.


3 Responses to Resources

  1. Chuck Leger says:

    Bought the book through Cokesbury. arrived yesterday! Read some last night, more this morning. Thank you for this excellent resource. By the way, I am lucky to live near Washington, DC, where we have many synagogues of all ‘denominations’ within Judaism. I visited several, and even attended High Holy Day services at a Conservative congregation. What an incredible experience! Thank you for this book that helps pull it all together for me. Now, for my next steps…

  2. Mark W says:

    I recently purchased the book via Amazon. I have been reading it, and I must say it is the best book on converting to Judaism I have ever seen. I converted to Judaism via the Conservative Movement in early 2011. I wish I would have had this book when I was going through the conversion process. But I have it now, and I highly recommend it. Thank you so much to the authors for all of their hard work.

  3. “Resources” was in fact certainly entertaining and beneficial!
    In the present day society that is hard to deliver. Thx, Mittie

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