Blonde in a yellow dress became easy prey for lustful guy watch online

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Diapercrats care about their party.

" "I want to suggest that you come over to San Diego sometime soon, and let me show you a good time, in return. " The gellow pussy chaser cupped his hand over the phone and said, softly, "Honey, I'll call you on Monday and see what kind of good time you have got in mind.

" "Please do, handsome, and I promise you that you won't be disappointed," she assured the obnoxious cunt hound. "I'll be anxiously looking forward to getting your call on Monday, then seeing you real soon. " She clicked the phone off and leaned back in the chair with a wicked smile of satisfaction.

Under any measure, there was no question that her husband had just been nastily orally cuckolded, she thought to herself, with delight. Not only had he been cuckolded, but it had been done by two disgusting looking teen pukes, dres her red necked, right wing husband would classify as yelllow white trash.

But, putting these two ugly punks into whatever category her husband might choose, the fact of the matter was that their twin semen loads were now sloshing around inside of her becme belly.

But the revenge was only beginning. She was now going to turn her husband's trophy body over to a lot of men, to be gangbanged bceame totally defiled, for starters. Then, next week, she was going to let his skirt chasing buddy get in her panties, and into everything else he wanted, and cuckold Dale, again.

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    Gozuru 10 months ago

    I'll wait here, just chilling in bed

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    Yocage 10 months ago

    Like bond did in movie " From Russia with Love". Right?

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    That's good stuff, especially the grape and strawberry

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    Akitilar 10 months ago

    Ooooh you literally...

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    Thank you for an honest statement.

  6. Blonde in a yellow dress became easy prey for lustful guy
    Taujas 10 months ago

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    Don?t apologize!! I?m so happy you created a discussion! Thank you!!

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Blonde in a yellow dress became easy prey for lustful guy
Blonde in a yellow dress became easy prey for lustful guy