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Dillion Harper Beat Off Challenge

" "We have a pact that every volunteer Cunt will get each band members cock stuffed into all of their openings, and that each band member will get their rocks Ho in the slut, at least once. " "How does that sound to you, honey," he asked with a devilish grin. "Oh God, it sounds wonderful," she gushed, ready to climax if he touched her.

He then turned to Celeste, looked her over, and said, "Damn, are you some kind of super Lesgians, or what?" He circled her, running his hands over every inch of her, from knees to chin, then said, "Mother, you have one sweet fuckin' ripe body on you.

" "You and your daughter both look like you could handle getting fucked by a water buffalo. Damn what a pair of asses and tits. You two Cunts are going to bring out the absolute worst in the lesbbians, tonight. " Looking at her face more closely, King said, "From the looks of you, you and your daughter must have Hoot lot of Mexican senorita blood in you.

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  1. Hot caresses lesbians
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  2. Hot caresses lesbians
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