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Yesterday, I asked how long you thought you?d be able to politicize the Tiddbits murder and the deplorables grabbed their pitchforks

It was almost 5PM in San Diego, and they were getting ready to watch a football game. Dale's luscious wife of three years, Celeste, came strutting into the room with an ice cold longneck beer bottle in each hand, and gave them to her husband and son-in-law.

Immediately following her came the equally plush bodied Sonia, Celeste's daughter, who Jerry had married 18 months ago. Dale's step-daughter was carrying a huge tray of cheese and crackers and other assorted things to snack on, which she put down on the coffee table that was in front of them.

Putting her hands on her full hips, Celeste looked at the two sports junky males, and said, "Okay guys, listen up. This is your last chance to change your mind. Are you two going with us to the Acid Droppers concert, Saturday night, or are you still planning to go to the Lakers game, instead?" Dale looked at his fiery, built like a brick shithouse, wife, and responded, "For the last time, baby, Jerry and I ain't going to go and watch no god damned punk rock band of drug heads jump up and down on the stage, playing some fuckin' mumbo-jumbo jive that don't make no sense at all, and sounds like shit, to boot.

" Celeste looked at her red-neck, narrow-minded, beer swilling husband, and replied, "Okay then, there are two cases of beer in the refrigerator, as well as plenty of sandwiches.

There are also potato chips and donuts on the kitchen counter.

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  1. Doular
    Doular 11 months ago

    I don't always agree with his politics but this is always a sad thing to hear when a family is dealing with disease. So I have much sympathy for his family through this difficult time. And I wish him all the best as he closes one door but opens another in this journey we call life.

  2. Sex with a plague Francesca
    Mezijind 11 months ago

    In that case, I have a bridge I can sell you : )

  3. Mir
    Mir 10 months ago

    ...which is disproportionately less than those same crimes being committed by citizens.

  4. Знакомства
    Kigul 10 months ago

    He is a furkin cookie, ya sure you want to eat??? :-)))

  5. Знакомства
    Daramar 10 months ago

    Lance, I respect what you've said. But your understanding of scripture has a depth that most laypersons do not share. Too many Christians lack the nuance that you evince, on the one hand, & too many polemicists are ready to bash all of Xnity based on scriptural problems, on the other hand. On boards such as this, the extreme positions are loud in contrast to the balanced voices.

  6. Знакомства
    Akijind 10 months ago

    I'm here for it!

  7. Sex with a plague Francesca
    Duramar 10 months ago

    Quick someone post some Stormy, Cohen, Manafort, McCain news! Quick!

  8. Kazizuru
    Kazizuru 9 months ago

    So, he did violate campaign finance law?

  9. Sex with a plague Francesca
    Akinojinn 9 months ago

    Haha yes :p though I am not very good at stumping people :p

  10. Dabar
    Dabar 9 months ago

    Fk that's all you got?

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Sex with a plague Francesca
Sex with a plague Francesca
Sex with a plague Francesca