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Islam, like Christianity is abused by a few. Islamists conquered much of the middle east and parts of Europe, killing indiscriminately. The Crusades were Christians retaking the land and killing indiscriminately. Those were the times.

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But, in her case, Monique went back to the hot, wet pussy, a second time, and then rucked her loaded tongue in Celeste's mouth and gave her a total turn-on, earthy, tangy, very sloppy kiss, that gave her a full taste of her daughter's slippery cunt.

As she took them to the front door, Monique said, "There is one more thing that will help you get an invitation from the band. Be sure and wear your wedding rings, because the band always prefers using ecah married woman over a single one.

mqn "The reason that they prefer married women is that, if a woman is offended by the way she is being treated, or doesn't like the way she is being fucked, or who she is being fucked by, if she's a cheating wife, she can't threaten to call her unknowing husband, or the motel manager, or the police.

She is just stuck with no alternative fuckee to let all the guys do whatever nasty, perverted things they want to do to her, like it or not. " "Now you two have some very big rocks on your fingers, so big that the Pussy Search Squad will see them, like they were an inviting beacon, and those rings will get you put on the initial prospect list, and will get you even stronger consideration when they make the final cut.

" "So you can thank your husbands for spending all that money on your wedding rings, because their expenditures are going to help you get the opportunity to cuckold the hell out of them," she laughed.

"By the way, the reputation of the Acid Droppers band is that the sex is truly gross, and is even much, much grosser with the hanger-on.

They will offend you, but only your sensibilities will be severely abused, not your bodies. " "Good luck to you both, although, with those bodies and faces, I don't really think that you will need any luck at all. I'll look forward to you telling me every dirty little thing that is done to you, on Saturday night," she said, slapping their bountiful backsides, hard.

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    Great question but yes. Of course as has been pointed out to me, there is no absolute definition of what scientific method is, so it has now been stretched to include observation of phenomena which cannot be replicated in testing.

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    Welll go wit it muffin ??????

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    Extreme disappointment, then turning a city of abominations into ash.

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Two passionate women excite each other and fucked with a man
Two passionate women excite each other and fucked with a man